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Over the past few decades, roof framing has rapidly evolved. Traditionally, homebuilders and contractors relied on conventional rafters and ceiling joists for roof construction. However, nowadays, many homes utilize trusses as their primary means of roof framing and support.

What Is a Truss?

In the engineering field, trusses consist of two-force members which are connected in such a way that incurs axial force. These structure types are commonly used as bridge designs because of their ability to span long distances. When designed correctly, trusses can minimize the amount of material used during construction without sacrificing their long distance.

What Are the Benefits of Trussed Roofs?

When compared to other roof framing structures, one of a truss’s main advantages is its faster installation time. Unlike conventional rafters which have to be built on-site, roof trusses are pre-fabricated in an off-site factory, delivered to the construction site, and can be installed in as quick as one day.

Another reason why many builders prefer a truss over a conventional rafter is because of its flexibility of design. Roof truss systems can be configured to accommodate almost any roof shape and design possible. Learn more about how trussed roofs work here.

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