Truss Design, Kansas City MO

When you reach out to North Country Lumber & Truss for top-tier trussed roofing planners, we will take the time to understand your needs. This way, our trussed roofing planner can aid in the fruition of your goals. Additionally, our planner will help keep you and the people important to you safe through the most appropriate trussed roofing plans for your urban building.

Types of Designs

Simple Urban Trussed Roofing

This trussed roofing is created from a single triangle, which is often used for supporting ceiling structures and building lighter urban roofs. You can associate the idea of this trussed roofing with the single triangle that provides strength to the metal frame of bicycles and other urban lightweight structures.

Planar Urban Trussed Roofing

This trussed roofing plan connects more truss triangles, which share the load that is placed on them. Often consisting of a repeating pattern, the concept of this plan is used most commonly for the construction of not only urban roofs but also urban bridges.

Space Frame Trussed Roofing

This three-dimensional trussed roof plan is based on the rigidity of the triangle. It is composed of linear roof truss design elements that are subject only to compression or tension. The simplest spatial unit of these plans is a tetrahedron, which has six distinct elements that meet at four points. Learn more about roofing design here.

Trussed roofing is integral to the structure of a building. If you need assistance with urban trussed roofing, contact North Country Lumber & Truss. It has been our job to plan trussed roofing since 1998, and we have built a variety of strong trussed roofs for different urban properties. Click here learn more about us.

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