Timber, Kansas City MO

Timber, is a kind of wood that is used mainly for structural purposes. This natural building material offers plenty of advantages for construction projects. Because of this wood’s natural versatility, attractiveness, and sustainability, it offers a variety of design options that are limited only by the imagination.

The Most Common Uses of Wood

Timber can be used for a wide range of purposes. Some businesses use it for fuel, while others use it to create pulp and paper. However, the most common use is in the building and constructional industries. Milled boards of wood are typically used to build houses or parts of houses. This material can also be used for structural applications, including beams, flooring, walls, and formwork.

Building Strong Wooden Structures

North Country Lumber & Truss, a business located in Maysville, MO, designs and builds wooden structures for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. Using high-quality timbers, we can create top-standard truss systems. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped us master the art of planning and constructing wooden structures for any property.

Our goal is to give your building projects a sturdy and dependable overhead structure. To ensure the quality of our work, we use only strong and long-lasting timber. Through the years, we’ve worked on plenty of lumber yards, houses, barns, garages, and commercial establishments. Learn more about timber here.

Work With Some of the Most Trusted Truss Contractors!

When it comes to constructing roof trusses, our Maysville-based contractors are KC’s go-to service providers. No matter your time constraints, you can trust our professional team to get the job done right and on schedule. Contact us, and learn more about our truss design and engineering works! Click here to learn more about our trusses.

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